Big screen getting bigger and better

PVR and INOX Leisure, India's leading multiplex chains announced their merger last month.

1+1 = more than 2? 

PVR and INOX Leisure - The No. 1 and No. 2 entities in film exhibition have decided to meld their operations to exploit synergies and grow as a merged entity. 

Largest Cinema In Making

The all-stock merger will take about 6-9 months and is set to become the largest cinema exhibition company with over 1,500 screens.

How pandemic fuelled this merger 

The film exhibition sector saw no growth at all in the last two years because of the pandemic. Many single screens and multiplexes shut down entirely.

Shareholding pattern

Hence, it's being said that the merger is not just about the survival of two companies, but also the survival and revival of the whole sector from the covid burns. 

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